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Cosmocourse was sponsored by Action Austria-Hungary, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Research Fund (OTKA), and the Doctoral School of Eotvos University. We thank the CERN SIS for letting us use AGENDA where talks are found.

The school was organised by Dominik J. Schwarz (then at Theory division, CERN), Wolfgang Kummer (Inst. fur Theoretische Physik, TU Wien), Andras Patkos (Inst. of Physics, Eotvos Univ., Budapest) and Zsolt Frei (Inst. of Physics, Eotvos Univ., Budapest).

The lecture series covered the latest developments at the interface of particle physics and cosmology and the most important astrophysical projects exploring the evolution of the Universe. The course Consisted of a four-day lecture series (Monday-Thursday) and was followed by a two-day workshop (Friday-Saturday). It was open to doctoral students and young postdoctoral fellows. During the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to present their contributions.

Programme of lectures:

Particle Physics: Csaba Csáki (Cornell)
Cosmological Inflation: Igor Tkachev (CERN)
Cosmic Microwave Background: Pedro Ferreira (Oxford)
Cosmological Perturbations: Robert Brandenberger (Brown)
Large Scale Structure: Alex Szalay (Baltimore)
CDM Simulations: Guinevere Kauffmann (Garching)
Galaxy Clusters: Sabine Schindler (Innsbruck)
Supernovae: Bruno Leibundgut (ESO)
Dark Energy: Luca Amendola (Rome)
Neutrinos from the Big Bang: Subir Sarkar (Oxford)
(a George Marx memorial lecture)

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